Commercial Plumbing Services

A break in your commercial plumbing system can cause disastrous consequences, especially when your daily operations depend. It is therefore important to use experts for maintenance of pipes and plumbing systems. KEM Services has the skills and equipment necessary to do the inspection, regular maintenance and repair of commercial plumbing systems, regardless of your industry.

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing

With several commercial and industrial plumbing achievements to its credit, KEM Services are distinguished by its rigorous service before, during and after construction. We have the experience to take on all types of commercial and industrial plumbing projects regardless of their size. Our team, our fleet of trucks, constantly renewed our equipment and our specialized plumbers used to guide you step us from estimating, design and construction of your project.

You want to soon install toilets, urinals or sinks? It is important to know that the standards for their installation are very different standards for installations in residential space. The expertise of qualified plumbers such as those of KEM Services are essential for the installation, replacement, renovation or any other type of plumbing work in commercial space.


KEM Services has solid expertise in the field of commercial and industrial plumbing. Our experienced plumbers are receiving training in accordance with the latest standards, with respect to the installation and plumbing repairs of commercial and industrial space.

  • Renovation and commercial plumbing repair
  • Selection, installation and verification of backflow devices (DAR)
  • New construction and commercial applications in plumbing
  • Pipe installation for natural gas
  • Installing a radiant floor hot water

Sales and Installation of Equipment

You plan to build a new business? You purchased new equipment requiring water supply? Our experts will support you in your installation procedures for new accessories, pipes and plumbing fixtures (culverts, oil separators, grease traps, etc.), in addition to offering valuable tips for buying your equipment.

Backflow systems

KEM Services specializes, among others, in the sale, installation and certification of backflow prevention systems. Contact one of our representatives for more details on this product.

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