Design Build Services

Planning to build or expand your business or industrial areas? KEM Services Company offers an approach that has proven: the design-build service, the most efficient and satisfactory solution which is to achieve quality projects as quickly as possible.

Save Time and Money

Saving time and money. From the birth of an idea, KEM Services Company is able to coordinate all stages of its development and give you a real estate project turnkey. We can coordinate and perform all the work necessary for the development of your project and so you save time and money by eliminating the middleman, sometimes ineffective or unnecessary. In your interest, one partner assumes all the duties and responsibilities associated with your project.

No Surprise

When it comes time to draw the plans for your project, KEM Services Company is able, thanks to solid experience, to accurately assess the costs of realization. So you do not risk being disappointed by plans that initially you were racing, but must be substantially modified when complete, and it at your expense, because they lead to the construction costs exceeding the budget. We believe in the quality of our work and offer you therefore to achieve at our expense feasibility studies, preparation of preliminary design and optimization of working methods.

Services and Products Tailored To Your Needs

Our flexible organization allows us to adapt and conform to the specifics of each project. We work with you to identify solutions for your needs, and at the lowest possible cost. In this regard, you will enjoy our established network of many suppliers and subcontractors to get the best quality-price ratio.

Excellent Planning

The management of a site is a challenge that we must face every day. The respect of often very tight deadlines is a priority for us. Only an effective project management can control the cost, quality and progress of work. To ensure the success of each of its projects, the KEM Services Company put on an excellent pre-project planning, monitoring of costs at each stage of the project and a thorough inspection of the work to ensure control of the quality and evolution of the site.

Careful Customer Services

Upon delivery of your project, we give you a list of subcontractors and suppliers involved and their warranty certificates for products and services provided. We perform further monitor the warranty period and make sure that you have at any time for a quick after-sales service and courteous.