Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one that is intended for maintenance of equipment or facilities by overhaul to ensure their proper functioning and reliability. The preventive maintenance in Ohio is performed on those teams operating conditions, as opposed to corrective maintenance repairing, or those who stopped working or damaged.  The aim of pro facility is to prevent or mitigate the consequences of equipment failures, achieving prevent incidents before they occur. The service preventive maintenance include actions such as exchange of worn parts, lubricants and oil changes, etc. The preventive maintenance to prevent equipment failures before they occur.

Pro facility determines processes preventive maintenance taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturers, the legislation, expert recommendations and actions carried out on similar assets. We equip facilities in Ohio by qualified personnel who have previously passed a rigorous selection process.

Your Need

Acquire equipment for HVAC systems and R represents an investment of several hundred thousand dollars. This is complex material composed of several subsystems such centrifugal chillers, boilers and dehumidifiers. Moreover, the constraints of the places in which you plan to install them vary from one situation to another.

To make the most of this kind of infrastructure, you need to accurately assess all resources required for your systems optimum life. Specifically, you must rely on maintenance service and repair of the systems that will act quickly and effectively.

Preventive maintenance of your thermal systems

To ensure the longevity of your HVAC systems and R, it is necessary to incorporate a rigorous preventive maintenance plan. Recognizing the importance of this approach, KEM Services Company invests in training of dozens of professionals who are now working for our service points. Our integrated multidisciplinary team among the best trained in the industry, account maintenance technicians, systems designers and skilled managers who together provide exceptional technical know-how and provide a high level service.