HVAC Solutions: Smarter buildings come true

To improve operationally and energy efficiency, you seek new ways to make their facilities management an easier job. KEM Services has the capacity to successfully integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide support services for the life cycle of facilities like yours and thus facilitate increased comfort, safety and security of their occupants.

Actuators for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) – energy efficiency solutions

All installers, contractors and users of building systems use modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to ensure not only the best possible control of the environment, but also reduce energy consumption of the installation and, Consequently, its environmental impact. KEM Services is a leader in providing such solutions.

Simplify the work of its facilities

Traditional building management systems usually have standalone applications with monitoring stations and separate controls for HVAC controls (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) energy measurement and management of electricity, the plant equipment and plant lighting. Although each application is useful by itself, the real power lies in its administration as a single intelligent solution. KEM Services may adopt a single point of control integrating new and existing systems for building management through affordable, customized solutions, and get many benefits, including among others.

Comfort and occupant protection

The building control technology from KEM Services meets the needs of comfort and safety of its occupants, and increase their operational and energy efficiency through a full range of management solutions HVAC, power, lighting, air quality and gas and smoke detection. The single, coordinated view of these systems and their synchronized response, safety and promotes more efficient use of energy in buildings every day and a better response in emergency situations.

We offer a scalable range of solutions and management services for intelligent buildings and buildings – that reduce the risk and provides operational and world-class energy efficiency.