Indoor Air Quality Control Services

The good quality of indoor air improves well-being and health of your employees. So there is no doubt that local with a good quality air is the most productive workplaces. KEM Services Company offers a quality analysis service of indoor air that offers peace of mind, knowing that you make a safe and healthy environment for your staff. We provide you with an assessment of the quality of indoor air that will allow better management of all factors affecting your work environment.

Our solutions can support you throughout the entire life cycle of your premises: from the technical to the building design project for a safe and environmentally sound demolition site. During our lives, each of us spends tens of thousands of hours at work. Poor indoor air quality can cause major health problems such as allergies and respiratory diseases. Even minor ailments such as headaches and irritated eyes, can cause discomfort and distraction that may lead ultimately to decreased productivity. If you want a more proactive approach to environmental management and gain a competitive advantage, we can help you with innovative solutions tailored to your workplace.

Detailed Inspection

Indoor environmental quality involves controlling the temperature, moisture and ventilation. We conduct detailed inspections of your heating and cooling systems. We conduct inspections of ventilation and measure on-site allergens, ozone, asbestos and other hazardous substances. The quality of the water supply is tested, particularly to eliminate contamination that can cause Legionnaires’ disease. We can also analyze the levels of noise, vibration and light intensity.

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We offer reliable data safeguards and an extremely advanced and cost effective certification process. If you manage several sites, our long-term control techniques standardize corrective actions for each of them and reduce your operating costs. If you must be in accordance with applicable laws, we can take care of that for you. Our documentation allows you to make environmental management a constant element of your usual activities. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to improve your working conditions and to create an environment where you and your staff can deliver the highest performance.

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