Strict rules and current regulations regarding electrical work can be daunting when you consider most illuminating part of your commercial project. At KEM Services, we have extensive experience in commercial electrical projects.

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Electrical system is an essential element of any commercial building, structure or a new commercial construction project. Quality, code compliance and the speed of implementation can impact all about construction and enterprise located inside. KEM Services experts are a commercial electrical industry leading service provider with specializations in the wiring of the building trade. Using the latest training techniques, materials and design concepts. We can provide 100% of the necessary services for consulting, design, install and complete all electrical related services for your new building cabling project commercial.

Electrical Services to Businesses

KEM Services Company offers a variety of electrical services to businesses and institutions in your area. Whether you want to reorganize your offices, maintain electrical systems in your building, or repair defective electrical components, use the expertise of our services. Our electricians daily perform commercial and institutional electrical work. Whatever the size of your commercial projects KEM Services combine skill and competence to achieve them effectively and safely. To ensure the security of your commercial or institutional building, it is necessary to establish a program of electrical maintenance. KEM Services may establish with you an electrical maintenance plan. By regularly checking your building by an electrician trade, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and unexpected payouts electrical equipment repair.

Our electricians in a commercial environment install, connect, replace and repair electrical equipment for commercial enterprises of all kinds. Examples of projects carried out regularly by our electricians:

  • Connecting devices to the various circuits of trade
  • Installation and replacement of heating and cooling systems
  • Connecting the power supply to the signaling and control devices, as well as communications equipment and audio-visual equipment
  • Installing fire alarms regulations
  • Installation of supports and consoles in order to connect the electrical equipment;
  • Insertion of electrical cables through walls and floors, as well as inside pipes;
  • Installation, replacement and repair of lighting and control devices, as well as electrical distribution equipment, including switches, relays and circuit breakers.